Hi! I'm Jen, the person behind all of your handmade Bloom & Press jewelry! I create handmade, dainty and feminine jewelry to make you feel beautiful and confident everyday!

B&P started the night before my best friend's wedding. The entire bridal party was creating bouquets for our friend's big day. We started talking about how wonderful it would be to work with flowers. Then I started thinking - "How can I incorporate flowers into my jewelry!?" and POOF - Bloom & Press was created. I started using dried and pressed flowers in all of my jewelry designs! 

Since this time we have added additional pieces to our collection. We offer gold-filled pendants engraved with various flowers and other custom engraving. We also offer other, everyday jewelry that is simple and goes with everything!

In 2017 I decided to take the biggest plunge and leave my full-time job and went full force with Bloom & Press! It has been such a wonderful journey and I can't wait to see where Bloom & Press is in the future! 
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If you are interested in Wholesale, please contact Jen at hello@bloomandpress.com